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Protecting your System from all kinds of threats is what the first thing you need to do after installing the Operating System. Whether it is a PC or a Laptop, it must be installed with a powerful antivirus software. This helps you to protect your identity and the vital information saved in your PC from being stolen or damaged.

This article will let you know how to download eScan Antivirus for Windows 10 32/64 bit PC or Laptop and some of its most useful and important features. You will get an idea of why to choose eScan Antivirus to be used in your Windows 10 PC. Among many available antiviruses, eScan is one of the preferable ones. As protecting the PC from any sort of Phishing, offline and online threats, Trojans, Rootkits, Spyware, Malware and much more, it is suggestible to use eScan Antivirus in Windows 10 desktop.

Download eScan Antivirus – Latest Version:

eScan Antivirus allows you to be safe. It performs well in terms of CPU performance with its attractive features. It is different from other antiviruses which use Windows built-in firewall, but it has its own firewallIt even scans all the incoming emails, keeping you safe from all sorts of online threats. It even does not allow virus transferring from your email to others, so it even scans outgoing emails.

This provides an additional protection for both incoming and outgoing emails. It even scans the mail attachments if needed and certain file types can be blocked also. This is an advanced protecting antivirus software which has never been seen before. eScan Antivirus performs the smart scanning of files. It creates the list of new files and scans the new and modified files for any threats. This upsurges the right usage of CPU and does not degrade the performance of your PC.

It spontaneously removes the identified spyware and malware. Downloading and installing eScan Antivirus for Windows 10 PC is simple. Updating the software is also easy and can be done with just a single click. Once you install the eScan antivirus software in your PC, you are advised to run the full system scan for once.

It works in the background and does not affect the work you are doing on your PC. It also allows you to use it in the gamer mode which allows you to use the applications in full screen and they will not create any interruption. It makes it easy to toggle in between the modes. You can even use the Laptop mode if you are using eScan Antivirus in your laptop.

Features of eScan Antivirus for Windows 32/64 Bit:

  • eScan Antivirus scans both incoming and outgoing emails.
  • It allows you to block certain file types of attachments.
  • User-friendly and easy to use without any manuals.
  • It is easy to switch from one mode to another mode without any interruption.
  • eScan Antivirus runs in the background without disturbing your actual work.
  • In emergencies, it allows you to create a rescue disk.

These are some of the reasons for how and why to use eScan Antivirus for your Windows 10 32/64 bit desktop or laptop.

eScan Internet Security Suite, designed for home and small office users, is a comprehensive Anti-Virus and Content Security Solution that provides complete protection to your computers against malicious content and security threats, such as Viruses, Spyware, Adware, Keyloggers, Rootkits, Botnets, Phishing and more.

The very first thing that people should do after installing a new operating system such as Windows 10 on their machine (PC or laptop) is to install a reliable and efficient antivirus. It doesn’t matter at all if this is being done on a laptop or a PC unless it’s done.Yes, installing an antivirus is critical on your computer. Before going to download eScan, have a look at the Best Free Anti VirusFor Windows 10.

This helps you protect a lot of your data and vital security information, which if leaked can cause a lot of troubles. This can lead to the happening of so many undesired events that may make you regret about not installing an antivirus.

Among the different antiviruses, eScan is preferred by not a few, but many. eScan does the job of protecting the computer from many threats such as viruses, Trojans, and malware. It also protects users from online frauds which are also known as Phishing. This antivirus also does a brilliant job of protecting the computer from offline threats. For Windows 10 desktop and laptops, eScan antivirus is greatly recommended.

eScan antivirus does a great job of keeping its users safe from the various threats. Another great thing about this antivirus which should be talked about is that it uses very fewer CPU resources, so it runs smoothly and allows other applications to run smoothly while it is running in the background. This antivirus doesn’t use the default firewall on Windows 10. It has its firewall that does a great job. eScan antivirus also scans the emails that are coming in your inbox, which makes sure that no spam emails or junk files take any space on your laptop or desktop. It scans outgoing emails too.

eScan Antivirus for Windows 7/8.1/10 – eScan Internet Security Suite
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Best Antivurs For Windows PC 8/8.1/10 – Free Download

The first thing which comes our mind whenever we talk about keeping our computer safe is of Antivirus. If you search through internet you will find more than 100’s of Antivirus but you must not be knowing which is the Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1 and 10 as these are new Operating System they do require more protection rather than other Windows Systems.

Antivirus helps a lot in keeping our Data Safe, It helps us to keep our files and data away from Malware and also helps you to protect your Computer as well as your Browser Safe while Surfing online because most of the Malware and Virus enters into your Computer from either external Devices or Browsing the internet. There it is recommended to Download these Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1 and 10.

Top 3 Best Antivirus for Windows 10 & 8.1:


Not having Antivirus Installed on your Computer or Laptop can lead to many problems like Stealing of Data, Injections of Malware and Virus through External devices and Downloaded files from internet. So, it is needed that you should Install Antivirus on your computer and keep it updated. Updating Firewall of your Computer’s Antivirus is much important, It is more important rather than updating other softwares because firewall helps you to block all the Viruses and Malwares which enters into your Computer or Laptop. Therefore In this article we will cover up a list containing Best Antivirus for Windows 8.1 PC users.

AVG Internet Security:

AVG is a very renowned Antivirus. They are have just launched their new update for their AVG Internet Security. AVG performs everything a Antivirus Should perform for keeping your Computer Safe. Either you’re surfing online or installing or copying files from an External Device it would give you a warning or will automatically remove the virus from your Computer and would also help you to keep your Data safe and protected beyond the country or worldwide or over the internet.


Avast Antivirus:

Avast is another one of the most popular Antivirus available for Windows Operating System. It has Two variants, one of them is Paid and other is free. In Paid you can enjoy automatic updates and full time PC monitoring and security. Avast has won many awards for being the world Favourite antivirus in 2012. There are many versions available for Avast, like Avast Internet Security, Avast Internet Security Pro, Avast Security Pro and much more. In the free Version of Avast you can enjoy mostly all the features the only thing which you don’t get is 24 hour Monitoring and Automatic updates of Firewall and Antivirus.


BitDefender Total Security 2016:

BitDefender Total Security is the best antivirus is have used till now. It helps you to keep your Computer or Laptop safe. This Antivirus also has Two variants, one is Paid and the other is Free. The best part which I love about this Antivirus is that it doesn’t consumes much space and doesn’t even consumes much Physical RAM. Even in the Free Version you can enjoy 24 Hour Monitoring which can help you to track of the Malwares and Viruses. But buying the Premium version of BitDefender is worth and is best among 3 discussed here.



Above we have shared the Best Antivirus For Windows 8.1 and 10. You can use this Antivirus to keep your Computer or Laptop safe from Virus and Malwares. If you know some more best Antiviruses don’t forget to mention below. We would try our best to Add it in our list.

Best Antivurs For Windows PC 8/8.1/10 – Free Download
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Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for Windows 10 – Download Latest Version

Quick Heal Antivirus has a good and nice user interface with easy and quick to understand. It also has good malware protection nano techniques as compared to other antivirus software. It allows the user to scan or downloaded files that they are going to download. The user can set everything in settings to increase the protection for their Windows 10 PC or Laptop 32/64 bit. Quick Heal Antivirus allows the user to scan the downloaded files on demand or they can even schedule the scanning of files. It also allows scanning the external device when they connect to the Windows 10 PC so that no offline threats can enter the Personal computer.

Download Quick Heal Antivirus for Windows 10 on 32/64 Bit:

Quick Heal Total Security protects the laptops and desktops and provides the protection against all kinds of Internet, the web and network-based threats. Upon the installation, it acts as a shield against the viruses, worms, trojans, Spywares and other types of malicious threats. It also provides the security against the new and unknown threats with Quick Heal’s renowned advanced technology which is known as DNA Scan.

The quick heal antivirus software has an improved Anti-Phishing feature which ensures that the user does not land on phishing sites while they are browsing the net. The Parental Control feature allows the user to schedule Internet access for their children and its pre-configured restricted browsing ensures that children do not visit the adult sites.

The PC Tuner is an advanced and the modern tool that improves the overall efficiency of their system and the PC2Mobile Scan feature scans, detects and removes malware from their mobile phones. It utilizes the minimum system resources, thereby giving out the complete protection to their system without slowing it down or getting hanged.

For secure online banking, smooth Internet surfing, and robust protection for the PC. Safe Banking protects the financial data during the online banking and e-commerce shopping. Parental Control lets to manage and control the Internet and computer access for their kids. Enhanced Malware Protection blocks the spyware, adware, keyloggers, and other malware. Quick Heal Total Security is the best security software for the Windows 10 of both the 32 and 64-bit personal computer.

Most important features which the user can like most about the Quick Heal Antivirus is the scanning of email. Yes, they can even allow the Quick Heal Antivirus to scan the incoming emails so that it can save the user from online threats. This is very important for the people they receive many emails in a day and they are even not sure of mail which has a severe and suspicious threat in that. Overall Quick Heal tries hard and puts all its efforts to help the user from both the online and offline threats. Internet and Network, Emails, Files and Folders and External Drives and Devices are the large four blocks which the user can see on the start screen of the Quick Heal Antivirus software.

Some Important Features of Quick Heal Antivirus:

  • Quick Heal antivirus supports the quick scan and full system scan with just on a single click of a button.
  • It has the high malware protection when compared to other antivirus software which is available in the market.
  • It scans every email that the user receives and even when the computer connected to the external disks.
  • It has major four security areas which are very important to be safe from both the online and offline.
  • Allows the user to scan downloaded files and it can also be scheduled at a specific time of period.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • What are the Important tips before proceeding with installation process?
  1. Firstly, verify that the computer is not infected by Emergency CD.
  2. Uninstall any other antivirus programs if it is installed in the device.
  3. Delete all files in the Temporary folders of the Windows.
  4. Check the availability of hard disk space on the device before begin the installation process.
  5. Exit all the programs before starting the installation process.
  • How do I install Quick Heal Anti-Virus on the device?

Using the Quick Heal CD:

Insert the Quick Heal CD on the disk drive. It is an autorun CD. Simply click on Install Quick Heal. Quick Heal has a very simple and easy installation process. While you are installing, simply read the each installation screen carefully, and follow the instructions, and then click Next to continue. Default options provide an ideal trade between the protection and performance of the device.

  • Using the Quick Heal Installer Program:

Double click on the Quick Heal installer to proceed with the process of installation. Rest of the procedure is same.

  • Can I install the Quick Heal on another device?

If you install the Quick Heal on another computer, it is necessary to register your software after you install the Quick Heal. You must have to perform the Registration procedure by providing the new Serial Number. Any previously obtained Serial Number and License Keys will become invalid and will not work on any another computer or device.

One Serial number can only be used for one computer or device and is unique.

For more updates and latest notification on this stay tuned with us!!

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro for Windows 10 – Download Latest Version
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